The Day I Realized

His eyes glaze-over. Any hint of moral regard slowly leaves the body as he transforms into a creature I no longer know. A man, starved. A man, unaffected by my screams to just be left alone. He uses his charm, angling his body to fit right next to my legs. His eyes growing frantic as […]

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I’m not a prostitute.

Or a drug lord. Or a pimp. Or a con artist. Or a trust fund kid. I’m not even a sugar baby. I’m actually just as broke as you are. [Hope I didn’t offend you by assuming that you’re broke since you’re a part of my audience.] And it’s not that any of those things […]

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A 5 Dog Night

When a dancer stops dancing When a dreamer ceases to dream When a lover flees their other When your vision starts to fade The divinity of timelessness will save Your madness will lust your soul The light will spark a fire And you’ll return You’ll return, fool

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