I’m not a prostitute.

Or a drug lord. Or a pimp. Or a con artist. Or a trust fund kid. I’m not even a sugar baby.

I’m actually just as broke as you are. [Hope I didn’t offend you by assuming that you’re broke since you’re a part of my audience.]

And it’s not that any of those things are wrong… or right. I just am not any of them. I’m me. A weird-ass, thrifty Angelica. No one is aiding my adventures other than myself. In fact, I just spent the last 7 hours of my life cleaning my apartment in Hawaii entirely with a box of baking soda and a huge bottle of white vinegar. Let me tell you what. That shit works. And well. I used only these two things because I am – 1. Part hippie, so I’m really not into that chemical stuff anyways. 2. Savvy. Those two things cost me like 2 bucks and some change. [Coupons, yo]. 3. About to leave for Thailand. A pack of Clorox wipes is a 2 hour massage on some lush, little island over there. WWJD moment. We all know the answer.

After repeated comments/questions about my ability to travel on a regular basis, I felt the need to clarify this little thing called my life. Not that it’s any of your business, but because I am all jazzed up from the coffee I drank a few hours ago [I can basically see sounds] and I felt the need to get some writing in before my brain is jet-lagged, fried and then turned to mush after that 2 hour massage I will be getting upon arrival.

Yes, I laughed villainously after writing that.

If you know me to any degree, you’re aware that I’m always on the prowl. Here, there, everywhere. I make it look easy. I guess the fact is – it really IS easier than everyone else makes it. Once you decide to ditch possessions, take public transportation always and learn how to live cheap – anything is possible. I mean, before I moved to Hawaii, I had spent more time in a tent than a house. But, I just really like to sleep outside. What can I say? I can honestly say I am truly, truly happy and that I have the least amount of possessions I’ve ever had. I am also no different than you are. In terms of what’s possible. I’m a crazy lady, that’s for sure. I’m at peace with it, you should be too.

I rarely eat out when I’m not in a foreign country. I have my poor mans healthy diet down to a science. My activities are free, hence why I’m choosey with where I land. My clothes are ancient, but filled with memories. My main beauty accessory is coconut oil [BIG SURPRISE]. I work random jobs — I have handed out flyers for a Enterprise CarShare Program all the way to misting veggies in a produce aisle. Hell, I shared a bedroom for the last 6 months with a galfriend to save on expenses.

All I’m trying to convey is that – where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are just usually sacrifices that need to be made to achieve the dream. We all just tryin’ ta make it, baby. If you want something. Do it. If you aren’t willing to work your ass off, take risks and get your knees skinned – then maybe you don’t want it bad enough. Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Always ask questions.

Then again, if you’re lazy, you could always hold a sign up on the highway and ask for money, honey. Choices. We all have ’em.

C’est la vie.


8 thoughts on “I’m not a prostitute.

  1. Well I hope you feel better after that little rant… LingMBO…. don’t forget to ground, ground, ground…. traveling mercies over you and remember… the Love so Big.

  2. Ha you are crazy and so am I! I love it and love you! Pretty sure you need to come to Chile that’s basically where it’s at now! Yesterday I explored an abandoned castle and may have found work doing mud plaster! Cheers to not being prostitutes and embracing the grit of living your dreams with no money. Ps I’m about to move in with my boyfriend and renovate his aunt’s basement into a cultural center…..Basically your laughter and spirit would only cement the grandeur of possibilities!!!

    1. betty – that sounds like something that i am wildly interested in. i have to make an overdue pitstop at home for a few months… but then i have a huge ? mark next to my name as to where to go. i do know that i need to learn spanish and surf. and i think chile coincides with at least part of that. i’m getting closer to being convinced!!

  3. Wish I could have done what you are doing! Be safe; have fun…
    So Jealous ..
    Love You So Much…
    Always Have; Always Will..

    You are living my life..Lol…

  4. So in Chile they have some of the best places in the world to surf. Ha! I’ve been wanting to learn as well, we could do it together. Also by the time you’d get here, the projects I’m working on would be more developed and perfect!

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