I just ate the best orange ever

I don’t like to use the word ‘best’ when describing something as sacred to my being as an orange. But, I spent 10 whole minutes picking out that glorious, round, orange orange. I even spent an additional 8 minutes eating and detailing on its greatness to a friend, whom without choice had to witness the event. Oddly enough, I think I’ve realized my recent purchase may have been inspired by this article. [Mind blowing, right?]

Anyways, my initial reason for this blog post was to share a song. Tomorrow is Tuesday. It is Spring. Let’s get sprung. The best way to do that? Wake up in the morning. Turn this song on loud while brushing your teeth and…..

Dance. Yourself. Clean.

Dance yourself out of that winter funk. Dance yourself into a fit of hysterics [the laughing kind]. Dance yourself into a mood no one can break. Dance with your unsuspecting roommate. Dance down the street to the gas station to get a Steel Reserve and a spicy beef jerky stick. Dance your freaky face onto your local public transportation. Hell, just don’t stop dancing. ‘Cause one you start, you can’t stop.


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