Watcha runnin’ from gurl?


Well nothing specific, that is.

Living life on the fly, I get that question on the frequent. And as I get ready to leave Hawaii for Thailand in just under two weeks, the typical slew of questions start to come my way.

‘What happened to you?’
Uhhhh, life?

‘Will you ever settle down?’
I have no damn clue. I’m not against it.

‘But you have no stability!’
And your point is…..?

I don’t tick like the average human. That much is clear. While the masses fear change and drastic differences from their every day routines, I crave and need the opposite. It has been this way since I can remember. At the age of 8, my first attempt at being an escape artist ensued. My very determined self concocted a brilliant ploy to get myself and my garbage bag of toys in the back of my Aunt’s car that was headed to the Carolina’s. I can’t recall if success was mine during that stint, but I would flee Ohio to go there almost every summer until I graduated high school. So in the end, I manifested adventure successfully.

It’s not that my friends, family and life weren’t up to par – it’s that my urge to fill the void of expanding perception couldn’t be met by sitting idly. I wanted to feel different sands [just a FYI – Oahu’s north shore is the winner so far]; I wanted to meet some fellow fareeeeeks of this big, wide world [and good god, do I appreciate you all]; I wanted to try the foods of lands I knew little about [but I still think my grandma’s is the best] and I wanted to dance my way through this damn beautiful life [if you know me, you know that’s my favorite way to move]. I suppose I shouldn’t use past tense, as these are all of the things that still make me tick – the things that course the serotonin to my skull. 

Living a ‘I do what I want’ life has led me down some crazy paths. Hell, I’ve pretty much tuck & rolled down hills far from the path at some points. By god have I loved every inch of it. It sets me on fire, in the best of ways. Sure I’ve had my heart broken; I’ve had to use my phone a friend option and have my sister QuickPay me gas money when I’ve been days away from a paycheck deposit going through; I’ve encountered instances where I’m in the middle of a foreign country sick as hell with no electricity, all alone. Maybe my life looks peachy keen on Instagram, but the struggle is definitely real in the life of Angelica. Would I change that? Not a chance. I’m all the much stronger and wiser for going through anything that’s caused me to fall on my face. It seems I have ran to, not from challenging life events. At the same time, I’m far from complaining – I think I’m one of the luckiest gals on this globe. I’ve met some insanely rad humans, I’ve laughed myself to sleep more nights than I could even begin to count and I feel the sense of freedom float through my veins on the daily.

What I’m attempting to convey is that I ain’t running from anythang or anyone. I’m just being me, man. I crave adventure; I crave laughter; I crave telling tales that sound so obscure – there’s no way they could be true and hell, I just crave life. 


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