It seems that every time I go to copy my hand-written notes into my book manuscript, I falter.

Just a bit.

Although, I don’t necessarily consider it a bad thing that I’ve re-routed my cerebral processes to this platform. It’s, in the least, a form of instant gratification. Today is a weird day in the life of I. In my maniacal life that proceeds without caution on an always basis. I’m so entirely grateful for everything, everyone and every instance – I find it hard to properly articulate the way I feel. It’s an ineffable day. And boy, can I tell you – those are the kind of days I live for. Now, I’m not about to make this space my diary, but it’s an emotional day of sorts – so document it, I will.

It’s one of those days where you find yourself cross-eyed reading The Alchemist; where your technology-fearing self starts hypocritically craving the days when teleportation will be possible and when you dance in the wake of the wind, praying your movement will coax the gods into bringing rain. I feel so flooded with an infinite amount of emotion – I’ll save the rest of my wicked words for zee book.  

My advice for the day? Tell your mom you love her [now…. do it, text her]. Give your dog a bone [god, he’s gonna be pumped]. Throw stale bread at a duck [gently]. Turn a penny face-up and leave it in front of the ice cream aisle [it’s a Ben&Jerry’s day for someone, somewhere]. Run in a field naked [why the hell not?]. And lastly, take $5 out of your wallet and hide it in your room [you’ll be broke as a joke someday, find it and be really happy you’ll be able to visit said Ben&Jerry’s aisle].

Most of all, be GRATEFUL. Because if you’ve managed to struggle through reading all of this sap – you’re doing pretty hot.


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