I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Gelly

IMG_0971Forgive my absence. I’ve been busy living. Living loudly. Living frivolously – at least in the terms of doing this and doing that whenever I so please [like going to the beach more than I go to work… or eating nothing but bananas and coconuts for days straight… or sitting in the customs border line in Mexico for 5 hours in the dead of summer].

I’ve traveled. I’ve lived here, there, everywhere. The adventures have been plentiful and my lust for this life increases on the daily. Per usual.

Do I sound dry? I’m really trying not to. It’s just I’m trying to exert all of my creative energy to one platform as of now, so excuse my lack of enthusiasm. As some know, I have been hacking away at writing a novel. My first. Oh la la. Sounds glamorous, eh? Maybe if I was the organized, dull Virgo I was born to be. But alas, I have decided to take my own route in life – sorry universe – and my writings are more scattered about in the depths of many, many notebooks than my W2 forms are among the country.

It’s quite the fiasco over here in paradise, may I add, as I’m boasting a very ‘aloha’ address at the time being. As I finish writing, organizing and editing my quarter life masterpiece, I have decided to slowly expose my scatterbrained, excerpts out to the world. Where better to do so other than on my little ole’ platform that helped pave the way to my life as a free woman? Nothing else could fit the mold like da OG could. ‘Naw mean?

So, while you sip your coffee in the morning [I’m speaking to the 5 people who will accidentally stumble upon this site… probably due to a computer glitch] feel free to roam your eyes all over the thoughts that plague my mind on the daily. The writings that don’t fit into my book. Things that spark my interest. My total and complete free-falling thoughts, made alive by words. All of these things, that I’ll let trickle out slowly… and then maybe all at once. Maybe it’ll make you think, maybe you’ll think it sucks, maybe you’ll nod your head in agreement or without realizing. Either way – I’m ready to get some of my mojo out to the world. With finesse, baby.

This is where I announce my “official”  but – sudden, abrupt, as of last night [Friday the 13th madness?] makeover of OrganicGelly. Yeah, I’ll always love what this blog started out as. But for now, I’m thinking my focus will remain on something I’ve grown deeply acquainted with over the past few years since starting this thing. Something I’ve found holds the secrets to everything we could ever want, and more. It’s that stuff.

That stuff between your ears.


He told me. 

He told me that I should be a saleswoman. 

But the thing was, I knew what I wanted. 

And I knew that the only thing I would aspire to sell with everything inside of me was life, and the living of it. 


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