Will that Way: My Story to Burning Man

Oh, time – how you’ve seemed to escape me all too quickly. The 18th of September? My, my how fast these days have crept by. If you’re wondering, I made it to Burning Man.


My seven year dream of spending my birthday painted in flowers, frolicking in the dusty winds of the desert while dancing to the deep bass that blasted out of glowing art trucks positioned in the middle of the playa in Black Rock City came true. Hard.


After a 3-day pilgrimage of  five bus ride purchases left unused, hitch-hiking [not for the fainted-hearted], blown out truck brakes and being stranded on the Golden Gate bridge like hippies who had fallen out of the sky from a Back To The Future film, we made it to the ever welcoming and loving Mama Kabuke’s Big Tent.


If what intrigues you about this world are the things that involve the aesthetics of the soul, then Burning Man is a place you should implore yourself to visit.

In the short 36 hours that I was in Black Rock City, I met some of the most genuine, kind, beautiful minds this world has to offer me. I also saw art installations that still have me in awe, camps with names that I can’t even post on my blog due to the family members I have reading this that would get offended and watched my lovely friend Anna, as seen above to the left, roller disco diva herself in the middle of the desert at a skate rink that was set up seemingly just to make her dreams come true.

People mock Burning Man for its cult-like presence in the people’s lives who attend, but man would you just not get it until you have it experienced it in all of its glory. It’s good stuff. And I don’t throw that phrase around lightly. It’s. Real. Good. Stuff. Makes you remember why you’re alive and doing what you’re doing good stuff.

This is a simple, victorious- ‘YAY! I did it! Now, here are some pictures!’ post.


Before. It was like Christmas morning. But my birthday. And even better than every other birthday combined. Times ten.




One thought on “Will that Way: My Story to Burning Man

  1. Nice post! It’s two years that I want to go to this incredible event but everytime it comes out something that doesn’t let me go. Next year I hope to enjoy the Burning Man! Your experience made me more and more curious about it! Thanks again for sharing your trip!

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