I’ll be seeing you….


Life comes at you fast. Especially when you’re a tour guide of ALL OF North America working over 100 hours a week. I’ve met dozens of people from all over the world, driven THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of miles and went to places I’ve never been before. It’s been quite the ride, I must say. Stories of epic proportions to follow, trust me.

And the inspiration to write a book has never been more right in front of my face in all of my life. What  I can’t wait for most is to start blogging again. And oh do I have tons of suggestions on recipes and places to go/nap at.

The back-to-blogging commences in just 2 short weeks. It’s like a back to school special! Lucky, lucky you.


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One response to “I’ll be seeing you….

  1. Cant even wait!!!! What are you writing about first..recipes..or travels?

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