It seems that every time I go to copy my hand-written notes into my book manuscript, I falter. Just a bit. Although, I don’t necessarily consider it a bad thing that I’ve re-routed my cerebral processes to this platform. It’s, in the least, a form of instant gratification. Today is a weird day in the […]

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A 5 Dog Night

When a dancer stops dancing When a dreamer ceases to dream When a lover flees their other When your vision starts to fade The divinity of timelessness will save Your madness will lust your soul The light will spark a fire And you’ll return You’ll return, you fool

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it’s yours

Dream child, dream Don’t let them instill Their fear of truth Their version of freedom Their fucked fantasy,  controlled One mind, one soul Take your chance Grab it Grab it and steer your ship Child, child Stay forever precious Stay forever true Child, child Grab the hand It’s dark, but You’ll adjust, you’ll adjust You […]

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